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Reasons To Travel To Greece

Reasons To Travel To Greece

Greece usually reminds us of the Roman gods, mythology creatures, great castles and the beautiful empresses. There are a countless reasons to travel to Greece, but the main reason can be to enjoy its rich cultural history. Greece is known for its’ artistic, social, scientific, and political contributions. Officially known as “Hellenic Republic” Greece has a known reputation of being strong and fiercely independent. Its’ evident in its motto “Eleftheria-I-Thanatos” meaning “Freedom or Death”; and also in its national anthem “Ymnos eis tin Eleutherian” meaning “Hymn to Liberty”.

Eleutheria I Thanatos

Greece is among the world’s most popular tourist destinations. It ranks in world’s top 20 most visited countries. According to Greek Ministry of Tourism, the country received about 18 Million visitors in 2013, which is quite a large number for such a small country with a population of about 12 Million. Tourists are usually drawn to the nation’s beaches and beautiful sunny summer weather, historical sites and its’ natural beauty.

Greece In Globe

Greece is among of the earliest known advanced European cultures. Ancient Greece, under leadership of Alexander the Great, they defeated Persians and the victory resulted to what is known as the Hellenistic era.

Greece Map

When you travel to Greece you will get to enjoy the country’s major contributions to the world first hand, these contributions include: democracy, artistry, western philosophy, science, politics, western literature, historiography, mathematics and western drama. It’s also known as the creator of Olympic Games. There are several Nobel Prize winners who’ve come from Greece, some of them include; Odysseus Elytis & George Seferis.

Reasons To Travel To Greece:


It is located alongside the steep cliffs, it has a great combination of both topographical marvels and cultural history. It is usually crowded with visitors most times. You can visit this breathtaking beautiful locale in May or June to slightly avoid the rush.There’s a prehistoric art museum, golden beautiful beaches and excavation sites located at Akrotiri. The blue and white houses can be seen at Fira which is the island’s capital, and you’ll find tasty food & beautiful locales in the area.



It’s the capital of Greece. It’s normally the 1st place visitors go to experience its’ fast paced city life and also to visit some of the nation’s most famous historical attractions. The Parthenon and Acropolis stand resplendent looking over the city, and you’ll also get to enjoy a taste of the ancient Greek world at the Agora marketplace where the legendary Socrates once held court. You can also visit the Temple of Hephaestrus and Zeus. Take your time to enjoy the colorful changing of guards outside Greek Parliament and also enjoy the ever lively nightlife. Some of the best clubs and bars are in the central areas like Plaka and Psiri.

The Acropolis in Athens, Greece.


This is a natural work of art. With the awe inspiring sculpture which looks like it was carved out of mother nature’s very own hand, this is an absolute must see site for anyone visiting Greece. The rock art formations comprise of sand stone deposits, sediments which were deposited & layered on top of each other over the years by streams and rivers flowing through that area.



The medieval town of Rhodes (also called, Rodos) was originally created by Knights of Saint John. The Colossus of Rhodes, 1 of the 7 Wonders of Ancient World, is found here. The ruins of the Temple of the god Athena can be found in Lindos. The medieval wall that was built around the town for defense purposes still awes tourists today. When in Rhodes you’ll get to see the Ottoman bazaars & Byzantine monuments.



This is another major reason to travel to Greece. This city combines ancient archaeological sites with a bustling modern city. It has an ancient forum which dates back to the Third century & several Ottoman and Byzantine monuments. You will get to admire the Byzantine walls which still remain to date and also get to visit churches which date back to the Fifth century.



It’s the largest Greece island. It is a place steeped in history and is a common tourist destination. It’s the Fifth largest island in & around the Mediterranean. It has great mountain ranges, picturesque valleys with olive groves and vineyards, forest regions and countless golden sandy beaches. Crete has among the most delicious foods in Greece. You can try out its cheese, freshly caught seafood or the slow cooked lamb dishes.


Other reasons to travel to Greece include:

-The splendid site of Delphi, where mighty emperors sought prophecies from the prominent oracle back in ancient Greek.
-The temple of Apollo which is located at Bassae.
-The archaeological site of Olympia, it’s the birth place of today’s Olympic Games and the place where the Olympic flame is sent from.
-The Eastern Orthodox monasteries found in Meteora which look stunning, they are built on high natural sandstone rock pillars.
-The town of Mystras which is often mistaken for “Ancient Sparta”.
-Another major reason to travel to Greece is the island of Delos. It is not far from the tourists’ popular holiday destination, Mykonos. According to popular myths, this is the place were Artemis and Apollo were born.

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